On Kicking Off a Week of New Works

Tomorrow night we kick off a new week of work.

We have eight amazing actor/director teams who have been working hard these last three weeks to put together these new play readings.  Altogether, this reading has brought together about 40 South Carolina theatre artists. Our directors come from Wofford and USC Upstate as well as the theatre community in Greenville and Spartanburg, and they have, in turn, brought their communities in to collaborate with them.

Our plays, like our artists, cover a lot of ground, tales of love, grief, murder, fairytales, marriage, superheroes, dreams, horror, insanity, anger, new life, religion, neighbors, and more.   I think everyone who comes to this festival will be awestruck by the imagination and humanity of these wonderful plays.

What’s made it all possible is everyone’s commitment to the Spartanburg theatre community: from HUB-BUB and the Spartanburg Little Theatre, our sponsoring organizations,  to our directors, who balanced not only their own lives but the lives of their actors, to our amazing production manager, Meggie Watson, who will be graduating college and house managing our opening reading on the same day.

That’s inspiring commitment. I am so honored to have had the chance to be a small part of each of bringing these plays to life.

Don’t miss it.



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